Flexible training environment with Soccer Rebounder.

Soccer Rebounder provides brand new training methods to develop the player’s technique. The removable side line boards make it easy to organize a training sessions with different focus areas for each and every one. With Soccer Rebounder it is no longer necessary to have that extra player, there are no unreliable passes, and it provides a complete training flexibility for every user.

With Soccer Rebounder you do no longer need your father, your friend or a wall to improve your first touches, turns or passes. Soccer Rebounder provides complete flexibility and can be used wherever you are and whenever you want.

Soccer/Football (kommer an på om du henvender dig til GB eller US) is a game of 22 players and training depends at least one teammate. That is at least how it used to be, but with the flexible and removable Soccer Rebounder you are now able to improve your technical skills whenever you want.

Soccer Rebounder is also for the club that wishes to provide the best possible individual training facilities for their players. Soccer Rebounder is a flexible training equipment that is easy to move around and is usable in connection to all sorts of technical training.

Football/Soccer training is no longer an activity that takes place between 18-20 on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Now, with Soccer Rebounder, you can train 24/7- and without any training companions.